Meet Alena

  • Meet Alena

Five-year-old Alena is a student in Children’s TLC’s therapeutic preschool. This caring girl is truly all heart. Her love for her family, her friends, and for learning shines through in everything she does.

Her parents have loved seeing the blossoming of Alena’s nurturing side, as well as her love of learning, her growing “big girl” independence, and her willingness to open up to her peers and teachers. Seeing Alena begin to identify letters has also been exciting for them.

Alena has a special affinity for drawing and writing tasks, including the use of the preschool’s electronic “smart board.”

She’s appreciated at school for her encouraging ways—modeling what to say or do, sharing her toys and kind words, and showing the other children how to do activities she’s mastered. Alena’s birthday wishes this year were for her grandma to come home and for her brother to feel better, two more indications of her sweet spirit.


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