#LabelMeAble Representatives

The following Children’s TLC teachers and therapists are standing up for person-first language by inviting the media to stop by Children’s TLC for more information about the #LabelMeAble campaign. Each staff member will represent one of our #LabelMeAble children during interviews and appearances. If you’re interested in learning more about our campaign by scheduling a visit to Children’s TLC (3101 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111), please contact Stephanie Sheldon, Marketing Manager at ssheldon@childrenstlc.org or 816-389-2713.


Jenna Bodensteiner, Early Childhood Special Educator
Jenna played an integral role in the expansion of our therapeutic preschool in 2013 by leading the initiative to open a classroom for children 12-23 months. As an Early Childhood Special Educator, Jenna facilitates interactions that promote growth and optimal brain development. She commits to early intervention practices by providing parents and caregivers the confidence they need to help their children grow.

“Words should not be used to limit an individual or provide others with stereotypical ideas, or hinder/ alter an opinion of another person. It is important to be inclusive when you are describing an individual.” – Jenna


Deniece Crutcher, ABA Implementer
Deniece’s passion for special education has only grown since joining our team of professionals in 2010. As part of our ABA team, she works to properly modify behaviors of children with autism spectrum disorder, allowing them to become more independent and successful. Deniece plays a large role in the entire family’s goals by providing coaching and support.

“Person-first language is important because it doesn’t demean, exclude or trivialize anyone. It gives every human an opportunity to reach their potential.” – Deniece 

Dr. Julie Foss, DPT, Physical TherapistStaff-Julie
Dr. Julie Foss, a Kansas City native, joined Children’s TLC in 2013. She provides individualized treatment for children with gross motor impairments in our therapeutic preschool and outpatient therapy clinic. Some of these treatment plans include aquatic therapy in our state-of-the-art warm water therapy pool. Everyday, Dr. Foss joins the other therapists in our facility to implement a cross-disciplinary approach, to ensure that all needs of each child is met.

“Inclusive language is important in order to provide individuals the respect they desire.  No one should ever be demeaned to just a disability or a diagnosis.  First and foremost we are all people, all equals.  We are all in this crazy world together, working together to help each other, no one is alone.” – Dr. Foss


Melinda Montague, MOT, ORT/L, Occupational Therapist
Melinda began observing the classrooms at Children’s TLC as an occupational therapist student and never left. She’s been addressing the fine motor, sensory and feeding impairments in our therapeutic preschool for eight years. She focuses on maximizing each child’s independence by assisting with self-help skills that will allow them to fully participate in activities at home and school.

A person should be defined by their attributes and not their diagnosis. We are all human beings with qualities that make each of us unique.  One should look at each person individually and not by a label of any kind (age, gender, race, disability, status, etc.).” – Melinda

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