#LableMeAble is a campaign to encourage person-first language. Language affects attitudes and attitudes affect action. We can create a more accepting community by adopting person-first language.

#LabelMeAble Packet  Take the Pledge

What is person-first language?
Person-first language is an alternative way to talk about a child’s special needs that places the focus on the person. It emphasizes the individual rather than the diagnosis. For example, instead of referring to a “Down syndrome child,” person-first language would be “a child with Down syndrome.” The intent is to emphasize the things we all have in common rather than differences, and to allow the many things that are special about our children to shine through.

Person-first language is important. However, another inclusive solution is to simply refer to the child purely by their name.

Terms to avoid:
He’s autistic; autistic children
He’s a Down’s child
She’s developmentally delayed
Terms to use:
He has autism
He has Down syndrome
She has a developmental delay

Remember: a disability descriptor is simply a medical diagnosis; person-first language respectfully puts the person before the disability.

Meet the #LabelMeAble children.
Click on each child’s photo and follow the #LabelMeAble campaign on social media to learn more about what makes each of these Children’s TLC students unique.



Click here to meet the Children’s TLC staff who will represent the #LabelMeAble children during media opportunities.

Taking action is easy.

1. Take the pledge!

2. Share on social media
Sample Tweet: “I’ve adopted person-first language because words matter. The child is more than a diagnosis. #LabelMeAble”

3. Share your story
Inspire others with your own experiences. Comment below or post on Facebook with why you feel person-first language is important. See what our staff is saying about person-first language here.

4. Talk to your children and/or friends
Talk with your children about the importance of accepting others as they are. Remind your friends that we’re all much more alike than different. Adopting person-first language will help create a more accepting community.

5. Help us debunk myths that come with labels by downloading this sign and sharing how you’ve been labeled. Remember to use the hashtag #LabelMeAble!


Mayor Sly James has proclaimed December 4, 2014 as Person-First Language Awareness Day on behalf of our children.

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