Seeing Hump Day in a New Light

For most of us, Wednesday is commonly referred to as “hump day.”  The day we have to get “over” to be closer to the weekend. But for Katherine, a three year old at Children’s TLC, it is something very different.

“In our house, Wednesday is a national holiday,” says Katrina smiling. “It’s the day Katherine sees Miss Jodie.”

Miss Jodie is Jodie Pafunda, MS, OTR/L, an occupational therapist at Children’s TLC who sees Katherine for her weekly OT appointment.

“I’m really not kidding,” says Katrina. “Wednesdays with Miss Jodie have changed our lives.”

Officially diagnosed with autism six months ago, Katrina had been concerned for some time that her little girl’s struggles were completely unlike anything her older son experienced. Like many moms who have a child on the spectrum, she started advocating early. And also like many moms, especially girl moms, her doctor didn’t see what Katrina did. Once Katherine and her parents started moving forward in the diagnosis process Katharine’s first therapy was working with an occupational therapist at Children’s TLC. That’s where Miss Jodie comes in.

Within the first month, Katrina was shocked at Katherine’s progress. One of Katherine’s challenges is cognitive recall and Katrina did not realize initially how occupational therapy strengthens memory. No matter how many times Katrina might tell Katherine what they were going to do on any given day, Katherine would not remember the activity and would have to be reminded.

After working with Miss Jodie and implementing activities to support her therapy at home, Katrina is impressed with Katherine’s success in many areas, especially her memory.

“Every day I see Katherine’s memory skills improving and getting stronger and stronger. I attribute her successes over the past few months to Miss Jodie and the occupational therapy she receives from Children’s TLC.”

Katherine is making great strides at Children’s TLC. And guess what? She is teaching us some important things too. Namely that Wednesdays are actually pretty amazing.

Miss Jodie Day

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