Different Decades Same Great Care

KoAnn heard of Children’s TLC for the first time during a conversation with a client. Her client’s granddaughter attended in the 1990s and did so well that she attended mainstream schools and eventually graduated from college. KoAnn wondered if this might be the answer for her little girl.

An uneventful pregnancy. A little girl on the way. KoAnn was 30 weeks along in her pregnancy when she went into labor with her first child.

Little Kohanna was born with her nasal passages completely blocked – a telltale symptom she might have CHARGE syndrome. Like most people, KoAnn and her husband, had never heard of CHARGE, a genetic pattern of birth defects which occurs in about one in every 9-10,000 births. And what they did hear? It scared them. There were so many stories of severe heart defects and breathing problems as well as hearing, vision and balance challenges. They had no idea what was waiting for their daughter.

Kohanna spent six weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Mercy and had surgery to open up her nasal passages. Eventually they discovered that she was deaf. Kohanna faced challenges but on the CHARGE spectrum she was less affected than many children.

After the conversation with her client, KoAnn mentioned Children’s TLC to her mom. Her mom stepped out of the room and returned with a photo KoAnn had never seen. That day KoAnn learned her aunt, who had cerebral palsy, had attended Children’s TLC in the 1960’s when it was called the Crippled Children’s Nursery School.

For KoAnn, it was a sign. She’d found the right place for her little girl. So much so, she refers to Chlidren’s TLC as “heaven sent.” Kohanna was enrolled at 18 months. And this small but mighty girl has been playing catch up ever since. Recently she had cochlear implants and is learning to navigate the world in new ways.

Kohanna receives a full complement of therapies as part of her preschool experience: occupational, physical, speech and language as well as applied behavioral analysis (ABA). And KoAnn is so pleased with her progress. And down the hall, Dakotah, Kohanna’s little sister is enrolled in Children’s TLC as a peer model.

Both Kohanna and Dakotah are following in their Great Aunt’s footsteps. And their family couldn’t be more pleased.


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