RIKC and Children’s TLC form a Premier Partnership

In 1947, two non-profit organizations, Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (RIKC) and Children’s Therapeutic Learning Center (Children’s TLC), opened their doors for the first time to provide unmatched care to adults and children with disabilities. Both organizations operated independently for almost seven decades and have now come together to make enhanced, comprehensive services available to all people with disabilities in the Greater Kansas City area. By merging these two outstanding organizations, we create a community where children and adults with disabilities gain greater independence and brighter futures.

RIKC prides itself in helping individuals have more opportunities and achieve greater independence at home, school or work, and in the community. RIKC will continue to provide superior medical rehabilitation, employment placement and specialty services for children and adults with complex disabilities and neuro-rehabilitation needs.

Similarly, Children’s TLC has helped thousands of Kansas City children born with disabilities soar in today’s world. Children’s TLC will continue to provide high-quality developmental, educational and therapeutic services for young children with needs in an environment which fosters their independence and celebrates their successes.

By coming together, RIKC and Children’s TLC form a premier partnership. One organization serving both children and adults with disabilities. We are a unique and robust resource for the Greater Kansas City area that offers the very best development, education, therapeutic, medical rehabilitation, and employment services. Together we create a community that celebrates independence and brighter futures for individuals of all ages and abilities. We’re one place for any need, any age.

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