Meet Charlie and Patrick

Brieanne and Timothy Hilton were overjoyed to welcome their second son, Patrick, into the world in January, 2015. After all the initial check ups and visits from friends and family, the new family of four went home. It wasn’t until Patrick’s three month checkup that the family received some unexpected news. Patrick was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and his doctors determined that he also suffered an in-utero stroke before birth. From that moment, the Hilton Family started preparing themselves for Patrick’s future. “We went into super research mode to make sure Patrick had everything he needed from education to equipment,” said Brieanne. Two months later Brieanne, Patrick, and his older brother Charlie took a tour of Children’s Therapeutic Learning Center (Children’s TLC) at the recommendation of their physician at Priority Care Pediatrics.

They were immediately connected to the classroom integrated therapy with daily reinforcement for Patrick and the peer model options for Charlie. Even with an age difference of three years between the two brothers, the programs at Children’s TLC met the family’s needs as a whole. “At first it was a hard decision emotionally to take Charlie out of his preschool, but the results of having them both at Children’s TLC have been really impressive and positive for both Charlie and Patrick”, said Brieanne.

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