Giving Thanks by Giving Back

asia_wwwMany things have changed since Asia was a student at Children’s TLC 15 years ago. For example, there is now advanced classroom curriculum, therapy techniques, technology for children with disabilities, the ability to better identify a diagnosis and then implement a proper plan, and incredibly, Asia walking with no assistance. Asia did not have the ability to walk at the time she was a toddler and her peers had reached that crucial developmental milestone. It was a long time ago but she remembers the one-on-one attention she received from Miss Marie in physical therapy and this aspect of intensive specialized therapy for our students is something that will always remain.

Asia loves to give back to the Kansas City community and when she was thinking of where to volunteer, her high opinion of Children’s TLC made it an easy choice. What Asia did not expect entering the classroom serving 2 year-olds was to feel an instant bond with one of the children in particular who has similar mobility issues with which she grew up. Asia looked at him and saw herself. Smiling as she pushed kids on the swings during daily playground time she explained, “I like sharing my story so I can give hope. I believe he can walk, I’m living it.” Volunteering at Children’s TLC is meaningful for all who decide to devote time in the classrooms, however Asia’s journey makes her experience especially purposeful as she exemplifies the achievements possible for students through early intervention in our therapeutic preschool.

Asia is excited to graduate from high school next month and her altruistic manner will continue beyond her volunteer time at Children’s TLC. She is looking forward to applying for college and has interest in veterinarian science. Wherever Asia’s life takes her, the legacy of Children’s TLC will always be a piece of her and she will remain close enough to find out how one little boy’s story unfolds for certain.

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