The Managing Board

The Managing Board supports Children’s TLC with their knowledge, their time, and their talent.  They ensure that  Children’s TLC:

  • Remains focused on providing the best possible services today,
  • Anticipates the needs of young children in the future, and
  • Is financially sound by making the best use of donor dollars.

2016 Board of Directors

David Hunt, Chair
Liz Hawks, Vice Chair
Greg Gille, Treasurer
Pam Dittmer, Secretary
Jeanne Sosland, Development Committee Chair
Tom Cranshaw, Governance Committee Chair
Sarah Bloss, Marketing Committee Chair
Beth Whalen, CCC Board Representative

Robert Aschentrop
Jane Bartley
Sarah Pence Bloss
Al Boulware
Paul Bower
Tom Cranshaw
Henry “Butch” Dougherty
Robert Eisler, Jr.
Margaret Fitzgerald
George Guastello, II
Sara Gude
Connie Kamps
Jean Kiene
Theresa Levings
George Morris
Sarah Nyp, MD
Kristen Page
George Parkins II, MD
Michael Pateidl
Bonnie Pearson
Harry Peel
Beth Whalen

Honorary Board

The Honorary Board is made up of 200+ individuals who have a long history of service to Children’s TLC. These volunteers hold a very special place at Children’s TLC for their past and present efforts to ensure that the organization is the best it can be.

The Children’s TLC Friends Association

For more than forty years the Friends Association has been committed to increasing community awareness of Children’s TLC and generating additional funds for our life-changing agency programs and services. Friends members are men and woman of all ages, from all walks of life, who support the Children’s TLC mission through fundraising activities, volunteering for Friends projects and program related activities or by simply lending support through annual membership dues.

Each year the Friends Association hosts their signature fundraiser Sake With Friends, a unique and energetic event featuring sake tasting, an open bar, Asian cuisine and a dance party with DJ Ashton Martin. Save the date for the next Sake With Friends, February 20, 2016.

Why join?

As a Friends Association member, you are not only investing in the future of Children’s TLC but also in the future of children within our community. Our Friends help us support more than 300 local children as they develop the skills and confidence they need to lead successful lives. Many of our Friends also quickly learn that their membership has an impact on them as much as the agency.

 “I joined the Friends Association because it is an incredibly important organization in our community, and all of the families in Kansas City and the surrounding areas are very lucky to have access to such a high-level group of therapists and professionals. It is likely that at some point in our lives, we will all need, or know someone who needs, these types of services. I had no idea that being part of this amazing community, and participating in the lives of all of these beautiful children would change me. ”

 – Katie Platt, 5 Year Friends Association Member 

Become a Friends Member Today!

Make an impact in your community by joining the Children’s TLC Friends Association. Dues are $65 to be a Friend, $125 to be a Best Friend, and $300 to be a Fabulous Friend. Join here or contact Jen Fetter at or (816) 389-2702 for assistance. Your membership, ideas and support are most welcome and needed.

Join Now

2015 – 2016 Friends Association Board of Directors

Jessica Hagg

Jennifer McQuade

Carrie Reiser

Kathie Bailey Rogers


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